Minimal Materials, Minimal Impact

Our ammonia analyzer requires only two simple reagents – a dilute boric acid buffer and a dilute sodium hydroxide solution. For nitrate analysis, our zinc cartridges provide a less hazardous alternative to cadmium reduction. Likewise, our instrument has low yearly maintenance requirements and few consumables.

We’re Local

Every instrument we sell is manufactured and assembled in Boulder, Colorado with ethical labor. This allows us to minimize shipping distances, which in turn reduces our greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re EPA Approved

We are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for our Ammonia Method, “Determination of Inorganic Ammonia by Continuous Flow Gas Diffusion and Conductivity Cell Analysis”.

Due to high quality material and manufacturing, our instruments have a long lifespan. We have instruments still in use by customers that are over 15 years old. Our products are meant to last.  When they do need to retire, their frames can be repurposed for other metal products. 

Product Longevity

We hope that our effort to make our ourselves and our products green can help you and your lab reduce your environmental impact. To provide you with more ways to be environmentally friendly, we’ve gathered links below on sustainability recommendations and facts, as well as more information on our ammonia analyzer.

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