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“We’ve had a dual ammonium-nitrate analyzer for 4 years for our soil extracts (clear solution). Dynamic range of 0.2 to 40 ppm with speed of 1 minute per sample. We’ve run 100,000+ samples through the machine with only consumable parts changed out! The best part – only two chemicals used and one is a household cleaner – boric acid.” – kdhgtaber@gmail.com

Hank Taber, Senior Research Scientist

“I like that it’s easy, it’s automated. With the autosampler, load up the samples and go. I can get the low levels that we need. And it’s reliable.”

Melissa Mimna, Boulder WWTF

“It’s simplicity, and that’s the beauty of it.”

Martin Moore, Industrial Farm Lab Analyst

“It’s pretty epic because you can set up numerous samples on the auto-sampler tray, walk away, and we can get comparable results.”

Dr. Uttam Saha, Georgia University Extension Lab

“We weren’t really looking to get something new, but we found out about your ammonia analyzer and it’s huge cost savings.  We were spending $5,000 on tubing replacement alone using our previous ammonia analysis method.  The working of the tubes was not very easy either. You had to crack the top off and gas would shoot out. This was just for ammonia, not even including TKN. The acid and the fumes from that were horrible. We were happy to get away from it.”

Lindie Aragon, Westminster WWTF


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