TL-2800 Single Channel/2900 Dual Channel Analyzer

The TL-2800 Single Channel/2900 Dual Channel Analyzer is a low maintenance continuous flow system for analysis of inorganic nitrogen (ammonia, nitrate/nitrite) in aqueous solutions.
  • Patented gas diffusion / conductivity principle provides results generally unaffected by sample turbidity, color, or pH.

  • Commonly used in water, wastewater, and agricultural applications.

  • Optional activated zinc reduction cartridge allows for the user to add the analysis of TIN and nitrate/nitrite in addition to ammonia.

  • TKN and TN can be analyzed directly after digestion without further sample preparation (distillation).

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The TL-2800 is paired with an autosampler to facilitate automated operation. Timberline offers three autosampler options; the Timberline AS-50 Autosampler, the CETAC ASX-280 Autosampler, and the CETAC ASX-560 Autosampler. The Timberline AS-50 Autosampler includes:
  • Capacity – Holds 49 x 12 ml tubes

  • Space Saving – Can be placed on top of analyzer (shown) to save bench space

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Column Heater

The Timberline TL-105 is a multi-feature HPLC column heater designed to meet the needs of busy chromatography labs. The TL-105’s microprocessor controlled heating creates stable and accurate temperature control to provide reproducible retention times and stable baselines for temperature sensitive detectors such as refractometers, electrochemical, and conductivity.

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Mobile Phase Heater

The Timberline Mobile Phase Heaters are used to heat the mobile phase before it enters a semi-preparative or preparative HPLC column. The advantages of operating at elevated column temperatures are plentiful. It has been shown that lowering mobile phase viscosity by operating at elevated temperatures can enhance column efficiency. Controlling column temperature improves retention time reproducibility for individual sample components. Achieving higher column efficiencies and maintaining retention time stability results in higher yields for preparative HPLC systems.

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Reagents & Bundles

Cut some hassle from your life by ordering reagents directly from Timberline. We’re currently offering individual reagents and reagent bundles for our ammonia analyzer such as:

  • 1000ppm Ammonia (as Nitrogen) Standard, 500 ml, NIST Traceable
  • 1000ppm Nitrate (as Nitrogen) Standard, 500 ml, NIST Traceable
  • 1L Buffer Stock Solution (1% boric acid). Makes 40L of Buffer
  • 4L Caustic Stock Solution (50% NaOH). Makes 40L of 5% Caustic Solution
  • 20L Deionized Water, ASTM Type I

Visit our Reagents and Bundle page to see all of consumables available for purchase.

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