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We manufacture high quality analytical and life science instruments including our uniquely designed ammonia & nitrate analyzers(EPA approved for wastewater), mobile phase heaters, and column heaters. We strive to provide:

  • Customized Solutions

  • Reliable Instruments & Results

  • Personalized Customer Support

Our Instruments


Soil/Plant Tissue Extracts, Manure Extracts, and Kjeldahl Digestates


Water and Wastewater, Kjeldahl Digestates, Chloraminated Drinking Water


Analytical, Semi-prep/Preparative Chromatography,

mRNA, Oligonucleotides, Nucleic Acid, etc.

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Free Food & Free Knowledge

We host informative ammonia analysis demos along with free food! 

Click the link below to see more and request a L&L in your area. 

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Low Maintenance!

When you switch to our low maintenance instrument, you’ll cut you’re yearly maintenance costs in half with fewer consumables and reagents!  Find out how else our automated  ammonia analyzer can streamline and simplify your agricultural analysis of soil, plant tissue, manure, and water samples.

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