• WasteWater Treatment Plant Timberline Instruments

    Monitor your water quality for drinking water, environmental, and wastewater with ammonia, TIN, and TKN measurements on Timberline's analyzer.

  • Laboratory Timberline Instruments

    Timberline's column heaters and mobile phase heaters provide stable and accurate temperature control, improving chromatographic efficiency for analytical to preparative scale HPLC.

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About Timberline Instruments

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Timberline Instruments has been manufacturing and selling analytical instrumentation since 1987. Timberline offers an ammonia/nitrate analyzer commonly used in agricultural, water, and wastewater applications as well as a line of column heaters and mobile phase preheaters used in HPLC applications.

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ammonia analyzer

Ammonia / Nitrate Analyzer

The TL-2800 Ammonia / Nitrate Analyzer is a continuous flow system for the detection and analysis of inorganic nitrogen in aqueous solutions.

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Column Heater

The Timberline TL-105 is a multi-feature HPLC column heater designed to meet the needs of busy chromatography labs. The TL-105’s microprocessor controlled heating provides stable and accurate temperature control, reproducible retention times, and stable baselines for temperature sensitive detectors such as refractometers, electrochemical, and conductivity.

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column heater

mobile phase heater

Mobile Phase Heater

The Timberline Mobile Phase Heaters are used to heat the mobile phase before it enters a semi-preparative or preparative HPLC column. The advantages of operating at elevated column temperatures are plentiful. It has been shown that lowering mobile phase viscosity by operating at elevated temperatures can enhance column efficiency. Controlling column temperature improves retention time reproducibility for individual sample components. Achieving higher column efficiencies and maintaining retention time stability results in higher yields for preparative HPLC systems.

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